Bike to the Future - The Internet of Things and Cycling

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” - just cycle lanes. Here we’ll talk about interesting innovations in the world of cycling. From traffic to portability to city wide sharing communities.

Crash sensors

The ICEdot Crash Sensor attached at your helmet sends alerts to your nearest contacts or the hospitals, when you are in an accident. It’s built in such a way that your GPS co-ordinates and alerts are sent via a smartphone.

Safe, smart foldable bikes

London based bike manufacturer Brompton, has revealed the power of IoT to manage and provide information to the rider about the city. Foldable bikes have become popular, especially in busy office environment. Brompton wants to make riding more safe and smart by taking information like the weather and traffic levels to change routes in real-time and warn any issues on the roads. The IoT connectivity provides integrations with third party apps like Fitbit and Google Maps. It can even contribute open data about air quality and pollution via sensors on the bike.

Embedded bicycles

Toronto startup Vanhawks set out to build a lightweight carbon fiber frame with organic looking internal walls. The most impressive aspect is that the sensors and electronics are embedded in the frame where the bike is protected from shocks and weather. It includes a nine-axis motion sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), LED turn signals, ultrasonic blind spot detectors modules for Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth Low Energy connections. The battery can be put to “Deep Sleep” mode to preserve the charge. The motion allow detection of potholes and elevation changes providing alerts in unsafe terrain.

Follow the North Star (or your handlebar)

Beeline is a handlebar mounted gadget that uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS to direct you around town. It simply acts like a compass to guide you to your destination. It lets you decide the best path to take. It helps coaches to access real-time training sessions at any time and from anywhere enabling remote engagement when everyone can’t be in the same place at the same time.

Bike sharing

OBI (Open Bike Initiative) 2.0 is here to design and build a prototype “Smart Lock” device as the foundation for the next generation of bike sharing system - with no rack or kiosk required. Volunteers are working on OBI 2.0 building over 30 hardware devices that include cables that go around the frame, complete with an alarm, that triggers if the bike cable is cut. The goal is to provide a cheaper, better way to share a bike. Bigger sharing economies mean better transportation options and environmental benefits for everyone.

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