How Wia Helps Santa Stay On Everyone's Good List

When I think about Santa, I think about the commonly used diagram of the ‘Iceberg of Success’ (not because he's from one of the coldest places in the World or because I used to live in Belfast where everything links back to the Titanic). For a guy who looks like he only works one shift, the year long graft and hard work is hidden from view (no wonder he drinks approximately 1.9 billion whiskeys in one night). The Internet of Things has helped Santa to automate his processes and streamline his operations. Here’s some of the ways we help him:

Keep an eye on his herd and elves

It takes quite a while to get a grocery delivery in the North Pole. All of the herd and elves use RFID tags so Santa keeps track of who is going in and out of the inventory. Using this technology, Mr and Mrs Claus have seen an 85% reduction in missing items from the stockpile - Dasher and Dancer still sneak in for a post-Friday night carrot every once in awhile.

Prevent him from going down the wrong chimney

On Christmas Night, Mrs Claus takes control of the base station at their North Pole HQ. From here, she can see Santa’s location in real-time (she loves MQTT streams) and give him the address of his next destination. It’s important that both pieces of information are always correct and up to date, an error could cause Santa missing a delivery or going down a chimney that hasn’t put their fire out yet.

Toys don’t make themselves, or do they

Santa is able to kickstart the production line from anywhere in the world (even though he has a tendency to stay close to home). This is enabled through a secure, two-way communication channel between his external devices i.e. laptop, smartphone, etc. and his factory.

Santa’s Slack

Every time Santa makes a successful delivery he sends an event to our platform which is then analysed and sends a Slack notification to the elves helping Mrs Claus back at HQ. This allows them to keep their lists in sync to make sure that everyone (naughty and nice) gets a nice little treat.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Wia :)

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