Introducing Wia for Organisations

Over the past year we have been enabling developers across the globe to bring ideas to life. We’ve seen them create projects that range from heart rate monitors to weather stations to home security systems. It has been truly inspiring for myself and everyone on the team to see people of all ages and experience pushing the boundaries of our platform. Our commitment to open source and the engagement of the community has helped to us provide the type of Internet of Things platform that people want.

After 100’s of hours worth of conversations with users of the platform and our partner network, we knew it was a no brainer to release a version of the platform that not only developers could build projects around, but that companies could build the next generation of globally scalable solutions - all within a matter of minutes. That’s why today, we are introducing Wia for Organisations.

So what’s different?


We take care of customer signup, login and everything in between. Whether they are on iOS, Android or the Web, our SDK takes care of all the hassle of getting your customers using your products.


Give your team access to devices so they can provide support and diagnose issues in real-time.

Public devices

Create a publicly visible network of devices that can be controlled and monitored by anyone, anywhere.


We now have a Javascript SDK that can be used to create custom dashboards and pages. We’ve incorporated our real-time streaming so you can still get your data in less than 0.1 seconds.

Data warehousing

Query data in your own database instance managed by Wia.


Over the coming months, we’ll be releasing lots of integrations with our partner network including Twilio, Slack and many more.

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