Introducing Wia Studios - Our IoT product design & development agency

We’ve been helping developers in over 100 countries build things and connect them to the Internet. Makers have created everything from thermostats to facial recognition cameras around the Wia IoT cloud platform.

Now it’s time for us to bring our expertise to companies too.

Introducing Wia Studios, our new professional IoT engineering service to help companies bring the Internet of Things to their organisation. Whether you are trying to explore new product opportunities or looking for an operational efficiency, we provide everything you need for your solution.

Our rapid prototyping service includes end-to-end proof of concept, product design, hardware prototyping and firmware architecture design - all on top of the same platform used by developers to build their connected devices across the globe.

We want to help companies move from concept to deployment through our tailored six week prototyping process. We take care of idea exploration, definition, concept ideation, product build, user experience and installation. Everything is designed and manufactured by our team of IoT domain experts at our Dublin HQ - we even have 3D printer to produce your casing on-site.

Debbie Power, IoT Country Manager at Vodafone, said: “We are delighted to be Wia’s IoT partner through our NB-IoT network. At Vodafone, we are always seeking ways to improve our business ensuring our customers get the best products and services from us. Our overarching goal is to give customers the benefit of having a seamless end-to-end connectivity experience, enabling them to capture and manage the vast amounts of data transacted between their IoT devices. The expertise in Wia Studios will enable us to do just that by enabling our customers to go from IoT concept to deployment of an IoT device in just six weeks”.

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At Wia Studios we’re helping companies rapidly build Internet of Things devices and get them to market faster than ever before. Our production ready, enterprise grade platform along with our bespoke IoT rules engine makes it possible turn any hardware into a smart solution in a fraction of the time. We guide businesses through the IoT product development process, prototype hardware design and end-to-end proof of concept. We work closely with other organisations in the IoT engineering services market to make it possible to build any hardware product.

About Wia
Wia is based in Dublin, Ireland and provides software developers with a cloud platform building Internet of Things applications. This gives a simple way for people and things to talk to each other with just a few lines of code. The platform is now being used by developers in more than 100 countries and has attracted €1m in venture capital funding with backers including Suir Valley Ventures, Enterprise Ireland and NDRC.

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