Is it a bird? Is it a bee? The buzz around the IoT

Let’s start with “What is a thing?”. The Collins Dictionary definition is “an object or entity that cannot or need not be precisely named”. If we look at the Internet of Things, it can be thought of as a constellation of devices that are linked, monitored and controlled over the Internet. This helps to represent the sheer vastness of the concept. Many of these entities are embedded with sensors that capture an array of data points from temperature to humidity to CO2 emissions. Since they are linked to the Internet, this data can be sent to the cloud to create new solutions, experiences and opportunities.

As per research at Gartner, by the end of this year about 6.4 billion things will be connected. By 2020, that number will leapfrog to almost 21 billion. That works out at roughly 13.3 million new devices every 24 hours.

From a data perspective we will be jumping from 8,500 exabytes (which is a billion billion bytes) to over 40,000 exabytes. Imagine billions of sensors sending numerous messages every second (or half of the world going on a Giphy spree).

The software development community is embracing this new wave at a rapid rate, with over 4.5 million developers already committed to developing Internet of Things applications. It is expected that this number will exceed 10 million in the next 3 years.

Building an IoT product is tough. Companies who want to take advantage of these new technologies are struggling to get up of the ground. There are many different obstacles ranging from product design to certification to cloud infrastructure - then they have to find a way to market and sell their products.

On the cloud infrastructure side, there are lots of different applications, servers and databases required. A team of experts typically spends at least 6 months building a production ready system - writing and testing 100,000’s of lines of code. Once it’s out in the wild, a team of maintenance engineers are on hand 24/7 ensuring availability and rapidly deploying security updates. At Wia, we make all of that easy. Developers across the world use our invisible infrastructure to turn months into minutes, so they can focus on creating great experiences for their customers.

Businesses don’t get brownie points for building servers, they get them for serving users.

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