Let's discuss technology over a glass of whiskey

Whiskey, the everlasting drink. It has crossed the ages and the world. It’s history comes from old legends and today there is more history being made. The Internet of Things is creating new opportunities for both consumers and businesses. Here are some interesting facts on how the face of the whiskey industry is transforming thanks to new technologies.

Bottles that are pretty ‘neat’

Diageo has partnered with Thinfilm Electronics and introduced a prototype called “Smart Bottle” for the whiskey bottles. It features a printed sensor tag made using Thinfilm’s open sense technology which will detect the sealed and opened state of each bottle during the manufacturing process. But that’s not all, consumers can get special and personalized content, like cocktails recipes or information about the product. The wear field communication capabilities allow the company to send personalized messages to consumers who read the tags with their smart phones. There is a huge amount of digital interaction happening where sensors can communicate with the consumer by sending a personalized message when a bottle has been opened.

From mash to glass

Whiskey companies can follow in real time the manufacturing process right from the grain mashing stage, brewing, fermentation, distillation, maturation and bottling. Every stage of the process is equipped with the smart tags to help the manufacturer understand defects, the temperature levels and the call to actions that need to be done in order to make it the finest whiskey available in the market.

Counterfeiting on (thin) ice

The Internet of Things has transformed the whiskey industry in a way that was never imagined in the past. Manufacturers can now identify a trillion products a year. IoT can help detect counterfeiting in the whiskey industry as it’s a known problem. In some countries, the bottles are filled with inferior quality whiskey which can be extremely dangerous for consumption. IoT comes into play for detecting the original from the duplicate whiskey.

Where did I leave Johnnie (Walker)?

The IoT can help the whisky industry monitor which countries have received the right stock and how much. The Internet of Things can help manufacturers get answers to some of the key details in the industry by relating constant information at every stage of the business process. With this new technology producers can be informed if their stock has been diverted to another location to be sold at a higher price and manage the problem.

Hot whiskey?

One of the major concerns for a whiskey manufacturer is the temperature as it differs largely from country to country. Manufacturers have found that the smart labels which integrate temperature sensors are an excellent way to detect if a barrel is placed beyond a temperature range. They can insure the highest quality at all times without further efforts. They have all the information they need in real-time.

Distribution that is no longer on the rocks

Imagine buying an Irish whiskey bottle in a store in London. It takes a huge amount of data tracking to know how many bottles have been exported to that particular store, which partner channel has delivered them and how many bottles have been supplied. These are questions that the parent manufacturer needs answers to understand their business. The Diageo group has started using a strategic technology platform that allows digital interactions with the retailers and other supply partners based on how the whiskey is made, sold and used.

The Internet of Things is bringing the whiskey industry directly to the new age by helping companies to manage dynamic data, allowing them to trigger “in the moment” marketing experiences and capture real time supply chain analytics.

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