The Flying Hard Hat - Drones, The New Boss In Construction

Recently, Intel created a beautiful live experience starring Lady Gaga and a fleet of drones at Super Bowl LI (view it here). But how do drones go from something fantastic visually to being the new foreman in the world of mining and construction.

Patrolling for future architectural plans

These drones, once per day, automatically patrol on the work site by collecting video footage where in the footage is converted into a 3D picture of the site which is fed into the software that compares the architectural plans and shows which elements should be finished.

Highlights “at-risk” locations on site

Human errors are highly possible and there is a good chance on missing out the exact location that is at high risks. The drones have proved highly effective in determining the exact at-risk locations and also they have shown the particular structural element that is behind schedule, perhaps because some materials have not yet arrived. There has been a significant improvement in efficiency as per the researchers.

Drones help real estate sales soar

90% of real estate buyers use the internet to look at their next home. An impressive sales campaign gets shared through social media but what’s interesting is the latest still photography done by the drones owned by real estate agents which help them in making complex videos the results of this videos is astonishing as buyers love it and there is better business this way.

Digital mining

Automation of drone missions for digital mining is the next logical step in the evolution of unmanned aerial data collection. According to a white paper commissioned by Israeli based drone firm Airobotics. Instead of scaling unstable slopes and transporting heavy equipment, drones rapidly harvest aerial data which are then processed into 3D data files.

Robotics comes to construction

Surprisingly, the construction industry embraces drones and robotic devices at the job sites. There are a number of new systems coming to the market, one such thing is in the robotics space that will do much of the “Heavy Lifting” that is of high use in places where there is manual labor which is impossible for a person to do it. This new technology will help to increase productivity and reduce workplace injuries according to research.

Plan better, fly safer

Flyte, a company from Ireland is majorly into innovative modern mapping solutions ,they are solely concentrating on providing meaningful understanding of airspace by reducing the complexities. Flyte makes sure there is enough safety for the pilots across the globe with the help of drones that fly above the skies.

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