What is IoTaaS?

Let’s start off by splitting it up in half - “IoT” and “aaS”. I like to define the Internet of Things (IoT) as a constellation of objects that are linked, monitored and controlled over the Internet. This creates 3 types of interaction - Things to People, People to Things and Things to Things.

This is where “as a Service” comes in.

Today, companies spend months trying to build their own cloud backend for a hardware device. Instead of trying to be good at everything, companies should focus on the last mile of value they provide to create the best experience for their customers. You no longer get brownie points for using servers, you only get points for serving users. That involves turning hardware into real-world applications.

With over 100 Things being connected to the Internet every single second, a complex architecture of applications, servers and databases is required to enable smooth, hassle-free communication.

By leveraging IoTaaS, companies can create rapid iterations of prototypes, get products to market faster, vastly reduce initial and operating costs, and scale from one to a practically unlimited amount of devices with just a click of a button.

This interconnectivity of services helps to enable some of the biggest companies in the world. In Uber’s case, they use Twilio for messaging, Braintree for billing and Google Maps for finding locations, which means they can focus on providing the best possible taxi service.

IoTaaS provides APIs to an array of sensors, actuators and location tracking devices. For businesses this creates an ecosystem of invisible technology which operates behind the scenes, providing rich, real-time insights which are dynamically responding to ever-changing conditions. For people, it is the next generation of products and services that will enable everything from automating components of every day life to reaching our goal of a sustainable planet.

Welcome to ‘Internet of Things as a Service’.

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