Wia Partners with Vodafone to bring NB-IoT to the Cloud

Wia, one of the leading IoT cloud platforms is partnering with Vodafone Ireland to enable companies to build NB-IoT products and solutions. This collaboration will reduce some of the barriers to entry for everyone from startups to enterprise businesses wanting to move into the Internet of Things.   NB-IoT is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) standard specifically intended for the Internet of things. It is designed to allow the connection of millions of devices that only need to send small packets of data, while also preserving battery life - some devices can run on batteries for 10 years or more on a single charge. Use cases include smart metering, alarm detectors, smart garbage bins and asset tracking.   The Wia platform enables developers and companies to rapidly build prototypes and get their solutions into production quicker than ever before by taking care of the device management, data capture and real-time analysis that typically requires months of software development at a huge cost to the business. This allows companies to focus on providing for their customers without worrying about the technology. Currently used in over 85 countries, Wia’s ambition is to create the ideal platform for rapid IoT developments. plans to grow it’s integrations to allow organisations to connect their devices seamlessly in any country. 

Visit our Developer Hub here to get started with Wia and NB-IoT now.

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